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What is the difference between a sex coach and a sex therapist?

As a coach I am a teammate with you to help you achieve success. We get to work side by side and I will put in as much effort as I expect in return. A therapist helps dig into your past and try to sort out the inner workings of your brain and emotional environment. A sex coach doesn’t dig much into your past- we want to start work TODAY and move forward with the new. A sex coach doesn’t diagnose mental illness or sexual breakdowns. If you are in need of a sex therapist, we will happily refer you out to a trusted and capable resource.

Why would I need a sex coach when I could just ask my friends/family about something?

Asking friends and family is wonderful! If you have a question, it’s always great to be able to refer to someone you trust. However, there are times when friends and family might not know exactly how to help or what to suggest. As a sex coach, I am highly trained in the many facets of sexuality. I am also a third party, like a therapist, that you can confide information that you may not feel 100% comfortable sharing with friends or loved ones.

You’re a woman- how could you possibly understand my problems as a man?

While I have never been a man, I have been classically trained in all manners of biology and function of males. As a sex coach we are trained across the whole LGTBQAI spectrum! I am very skilled in handling male sexual breakdowns with compassion and care.

I want to have a session, but I don’t live in California.

That’s fine! I am certified through the World Association of Sex Coaches and can practice anywhere. If you have a phone or laptop I can do a skype or telephone session with you.  It's easy.


What kind of stuff could we work on together?

There are so many things we could work on! When we have our first initial chat to see if sex coaching is right for you, then we will figure out what you’d like to work on. I handle sexual dysfunction (erectile disorder, painful sex, low desire, early ejaculation, etc.), orgasm difficulties, topics in virginity, education, sexual enhancement (learning new skills such as female ejaculation or enhancing pleasure), sex and pregnancy as well as questions about kink/fetish.


What is a normal session like?

Once you contact me we will probably email back and forth to make sure sex coaching is right for you. If I don’t feel that you will benefit from my services, or if another avenue will help better I will refer you out. I don’t just want to take your money, I want to help you. We will schedule a time that works for us and set a time to meet. Our first session will be slightly longer and last anywhere between 60-120 minutes and I will go over an in depth intake form, similar to one a doctor uses, so that I can fully understand where you are on your sexual journey. Together we will discuss exactly what you need help with and develop an action plan to help achieve that. Some clients only need one or two sessions. Some clients like more or spot coaching sessions every few weeks or month. There is no touch and no nudity in my sessions and you will never be required to do anything you are uncomfortable with.


I also am seeing a therapist for my problem, is it ok that I see a coach too?

Yes!! Therapy and coaching work well together. I would just ask that if you are seeing someone that we discuss briefly what they are working on with you so that I am not covering the same material or doing anything that would detract from what they are working on with you.

Do you take insurance?

No, we do not. Currently, sex coaching does not qualify under insurance. If your insurance does accept sex coaching, please let me know.


How much does a session usually cost?

Depending on the type of service you need sessions can cost anywhere from $15 to $120+. We also allow purchasing additional services (such as email correspondence or spot coaching sessions) or buying sessions in bulk at a discounted rate.

Bachelor/Bachelorette parties range from $150-$265 depending on location and number of guests.

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