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About Jordan Richins, P.sC

Sexuality is one of the most basic, connecting and powerful forces we have as humans. While it has challenges at times, there are many rewards that come from functional sexual expression. My personal goal with the Smart Sex and Intimacy Institute is to help adults, whatever their background or orientation, receive the sexual education and help they deserve. 

The approach taught at the Smart Sex and Intimacy Institute is one of patience, permission and unity. It takes courage to reach out for help and information, and that is met with respect and compassion. Whether you are having problems or breakdowns in your sex life, or are comfortable and just want a little reassurance: You are in the right place.

Jordan graduated from Utah Valley University in 2014 as a Community Health & Wellness Educator while simultaneously receiving a professional certification as sexuality & intimacy coach. She is passionate about empowering people to live the lives they deserve and is an advocate for consensual, healthy sexual expression.

Along with a passion for passion, Jordan enjoys being active and is working on obtaining her NASM personal training certification to better serve her clients in coming up with creative solutions for their sexual health.

The Smart Sex & Intimacy Institute is based out of Los Angeles, California but works remotely all over the world.

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