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Isn't it time to take charge of your sexuality?
What is Sex Coaching?


Sex coaching is a sex-positive, non-therapy way for you to understand your body and help you get the sex you want. Through a personal, private and holistic approach you will be able to get the answers to the questions you've had. Where you fall on the gender scale or orientation scale doesn’t matter-- the goal with sex coaching is to help YOU get the sex that you are looking for.


Sex coaching does not involve or require any nudity or touching from either clients or coaches and all of your information is classified and private. The goal is to set up a safe space where you feel comfortable opening up.


Sex coaching is not therapy and while coaching will ask questions from an emotional or psychological standpoint, if you are in need of therapy we can refer you to an understanding and caring therapist.


Due to the nature of our work, we only work with clients who are of legal age (18+)

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